Deficiency Symptoms

There are various symptoms of calcium deficiency. These symptoms may not all appear at the same time. The symptoms could include muscle cramps, muscle twitching and back spasms. Bones tend to become fragile while teeth become susceptible to decay. Calcium Deficiency symptoms also include brittle nails, course hair, dull skin and restlessness. It can also lead to insomnia and low tolerance to cold climates.

The skeleton is composed mainly of calcium and a deficiency can lead to osteoporosis. This condition causes bones to become brittle and can lead to fractures. Frequent bone fractures can also be a sign of calcium deficiency.

Different age groups and genders exhibit different calcium deficiency symptoms. Children and babies need a higher concentration of calcium to help their bones and teeth form. Calcium deficiency symptoms in the young include bone malformation, weak bones, diarrhea and indigestion. Osteomalacia, better known as rickets causes children's bones to soften. This condition can cause fractures.