This is the first day of my entry into the world of WordPress. I have been designing websites for sometime with the help of html, css, php, mysql and photoshop.  I had heard a lot about wordpress and how it makes lives easier for webdesigners.  So, I thought that I will give it a try and learn how to use it.  I will of course continue to code and update my knowledge of css, php and mysql along the way.

I look forward to inputs from the pros on how they embarked on this wonderful journey, how they began and also advice to newbies who are beginning.

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  1. jppp says:

    As this is the first time I am having a blog, I decided to comment on my own blog and tell everybody how I reached where I am today. A couple of years back, I wanted to venture into the world of web designing and started off by joining an institute to study graphic and web designing. A year and a half later, I came out knowing how to use dreamweaver, photoshop, flash and a bit of javascript. My first freelance project was a site made only with the help of dreamweaver for the layout and photoshop for the graphics. My knowledge of html was vague, I knew nothing of css and did not know any server side language. I wanted to work as a freelance web designer but did not know where to begin.

    I started browsing the internet for information about building websites and happened to stumble upon the site, Sitepoint. This was a turning point in my life. On an impulse, I sent a mail to Kevin Yank, the Director of Sitepoint, explaining my situation and what I needed to do further. He wrote back to me immediately asking me to first get a grip on html and then learn css. I was then advised to delve into a server side programming language. I did just that.

    I first read up as much as I could about HTML and CSS. I then bought the book, ‘How to make a database driven website using php and MySQL’ by Kevin Yank. My first site was my personal site, which I have built using html, css, php and MySQL. I used photoshop to design the header, css for the page layout and used php and mysql for my gallery section. I stored the names of the photos in the gallery in a MySQL database and used php to build my contact form as well as the admin pages which allow me to upload and edit the photos and their categories in my gallery. I have my personal site working successfully.

    I then decided to learn about CMS and blogging and have just downloaded and installed wordpress. I am still on the wordpress path.

    I look forward to responses from web designers about their journey and also advice from pros. I want this blog to be of help to new designers who have started their journey into this wonderful world of web designing.

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