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Do you think it is necessary to go to school to become a web designer?  In my case, most of my knowledge came from online tutorials. and the books that I ordered from Sitepoint forum.  I learnt HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL from the online resources with a lot of help from the Sitepoint forum.  The journey into web designing is a never ending one and I do not think any school can cover every aspect of it. 

My personal site has been made with the help of  HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL, none of which I learnt at school.  The only thing which I learnt at school and applied here is Photoshop.  But then again, even though I learnt Photoshop at school, I upgraded most of my skills in it from the online resources. 

I feel that in many fields, a formal education is a necessity along with hands on experience but not so with web designing.  One can become a full fledged web designer by not going to any school. 

Did most of you learn your skills from school or are you self educated?  Those who are self educated, have you ever felt that you would had an edge, had you attended school?

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This is the first day of my entry into the world of WordPress. I have been designing websites for sometime with the help of html, css, php, mysql and photoshop.  I had heard a lot about wordpress and how it makes lives easier for webdesigners.  So, I thought that I will give it a try and learn how to use it.  I will of course continue to code and update my knowledge of css, php and mysql along the way.

I look forward to inputs from the pros on how they embarked on this wonderful journey, how they began and also advice to newbies who are beginning.

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