An insight into the UK admission process

Have you just finished school and are you looking to do your undergraduate studies in UK?

Anybody who wants to go for an undergraduate degree in UK needs to go through the UCAS (Universites and College Admissions Service) application process.UCAS is the organisation responsible for managing applications to higher education courses in UK. This is how it works.

You need to complete the UCAS application form in which you can apply to 5 universities for the same or different courses (4 in the case of Medical and Veterinary applications), One cannot apply to more than 5 universities. An international student can directly apply to some of the universities though, if the universities allow it. Each university has its own entry requirements. In order to register at UCAS, visit the link, Register/Apply on the on the left hand navigation bar

The form is then submitted to UCAS who pass on the information to the relevant universities that you have applied to

UCAS wil then send you an acknowledgement slip with your UCAS number and password, which you should preserve carefully as you will need them to track the course of your application.

The individual universities will contact UCAS with their decisions and these will be passed on to you.Most of them will be conditional offers which will get confirmed when your results come out and you meet their requirements.

The last decision will be accompanied by a Statement of Decisions card and you will have to use this to let UCAS know which offers you wish to accept. Also, you will see an online link trigger to accept/decline once you have your last offer. There will be a last date for accepting or declining your offer.

You are allowed to hold two offers: a 'firm offer' and an 'insurance offer'. Normally, for your insurance choice, you should choose a university with a lower grade requirement than the university that you have chosen as your firm choice. Any other offer must be rejected.

Once your A-level/IB/CBSE/ICSE results come out, your firm offer will be confirmed if you have met their grade requirement. If not, and you have the grades for the insurance offer, that will be confirmed. If you don't quite make the grades, you may still get accepted. If not, you will be entered into 'clearing'. Full details of this can be had on the clearing link to your left.

UCAS not only helps with the admission process, it also helps the students to make the right choices about higher education and guides parents as well. This page just gives a quick insight into the admission process to a univerity in UK. For more details, visit the UCAS website.